With a massive spike in internet traffic during the quarantine, cyber criminals are letting loose many dangerous new viruses to target unassuming individuals. With Google Chrome being the most used internet browser of the last few years, the precarious new malware plaguing the web disguises itself as a Google Chrome browser update.

The hiccup in employment and production as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Microsoft just as much as any other business establishment; and as a result Google is postponing many of the release events it’s had planned for the near future – opting to prioritize the limited manpower to cyber security. Google Chrome users have been warned to watch out for the counterfeit browser update whose true intentions are to compromise your software.

By first infecting a host server and achieving administrative control of their domain, hackers are able to embed their fake update program into the official corporate or commercial sites being visited by the public. After victims are prompted to install necessary Chrome updates to continue, a medley of pernicious code is unleashed that uses TeamViewer to keylog, encrypt, and steal information from computers as well as compromise any antivirus and the operation of the entire machine.

Doctor Web researchers announced that this malware has been active over 18 months and installed over two thousand times so far on IPs in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Israel, Turkey and more.

Google Chrome users should remain aware that Chrome will never redirect the user anywhere to apply an update installation. Chrome updates always have and always will execute automatically, be it on startup of the browser or when the user is “afk” and the computer is left idle. To reiterate: Google will not approach you amidst your session and prompt you to execute the necessary updates. Any such requests are a guise from a party completely separate from Google and their intents are likely hostile and exploitative to your cyber security.

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