Rumors have long circulated of Apple using system updates to slow down older iPhone models in order to compel users to buy new ones. These were recently confirmed in a US District Court in San Jose, California; and the settlement agreement is going to cost Apple anywhere between 300 and 500 million dollars.

Owners of affected iPhone models will receive $25 per affected device. This sum could fluctuate based on how many people file their claims as well as legal fees and expenses approved by the court.

This legal battle has gone on for over two years with Apple refusing to admit to their ruse. In 2017 the company admitted to using software updates in order to slow down older iPhone models. The company claimed to do so in order to address old battery issues but major tech analysts doubt the validity of these claims. In 2018 Apple offered battery replacements for only $29 (marked down from their original $79) which hit their revenue hard for that year.

Apple customers in the United States with older iPhone models bought before December 21, 2017 can be eligible for financial compensation. Apple has not released any comments on the decision since the settlement agreement.

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