An unexplainable glitch in recent IOS updates has consequently led to an overconsumption of data in many users’ iPhones. Users plagued by this issue are charged extraneous fees by their cellular provider and some are outright liable for stepping beyond their data contracts’ fair use policy. Apple has not resolved the issue in any recent patches; and the danger of the bug is that most consumers suffering from it will have no idea it is even happening (until it is too late).

By navigating to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data you may find an entry labeled “Uninstalled Apps” consuming data at an alarming rate. Even with Cellular Data shut completely off, many users report gigabytes of data being consumed by the generic entry on a daily basis. Only by powering the iPhone completely off can the bleeding of this data stop.

Apple and the leading cellular providers are both becoming aware of the curious issue. The only information recognized by Apple is that the problem has been around since IOS 13. With IOS 13.4 just around the corner, backpedaling into IOS 12 is barely an option, and to make matters worse beta testers of 13.4 report the data problem to persist with no obvious patch applied.

Those affected by this bug should try rolling back to IOS 12.4.1 before some fine print in their data contract is breached. If that doesn’t do the trick perhaps switching away from iPhone for the time being is the best option available. With how long the bug has already existed, the possibility of it not being addressed anytime soon is very possible. All iPhone users should check that they are not affected by the issue and if they are, act fast before anything dangerous or expensive ensues.

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