Several new leaks surrounding Apple’s smaller MacBook Pro may be good reasons to reconsider purchasing the laptop until the fully renovated MacBooks are released towards the end of this year. The future model is promised to veer away from the infamous butterfly keyboard as well as completely remake the display.

The larger 16 inch MacBook Pro from last year delivered the scissor-switch Magic Keyboard, however Apple’s smaller laptop models still house the abismal butterfly keyboards that consumers have long complained about. If the lighter, more compact MacBook model is what you’re looking for it would be wise to hold off on any purchases until the consummated models hit shelves later this year.

The new MacBooks are also reputed to operate on a new mini-LED display. The new technology is supposed to increase contrasts and equip richer, deeper blacks allowing for finer control over light levels as well as an overall increase in brightness. The screen size of the mini MacBooks will be in between the previous models’ 13 and 16 inch displays with a 14.1 inch monitor.

Both the new and improved 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pros will hit shelves in the final quarter of 2020. With the current keyboards being the biggest qualm among users and the spotlighted LED display to be implemented, those seeking to purchase a new Apple laptop best wait until the end of the year to own a major upgrade to what is currently on store shelves.

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