Apple has big news for 2021 with a custom arm processor equipped Mac. Although very little information is circulating regarding the new Mac, Apple confirms that the custom arm processors would be built by Apple and liberate their product from the balancing act that was being tied together with Intel. Rumors regarding the Mac’s shift from Intel to Arm have been circulating since before 2020, but the Apple manufactured chip won’t see any action this year.

What stimulated the move was a vision to be able to run all the same apps available on iPhone and iPad on the Mac. The iPhones and iPads already run arm-based chips and certain previous Mac models have already operated the hardware. If all of Apple’s devices can run the same applications it will become easier to concentrate effort on important software, allowing every device to prosper equally.

Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo says the upcoming Mac chip will be the core of Apple’s new products in the next 12 to 18 months. Also by keeping more of Apple’s processes “in-house” it will allow the tech giant to take bigger leaps in innovation without worry of enabling competitors’ development.

The 5-nanometer chip is rumored to appear within the next Mac, the 5G iPhone, and the LED display iPad at the end of 2020. The development will allow Apple products to handle more power and operate more efficiently than the previous 7-nanometer A13 chips. Apple is very excited to move “more aggressively” in research and testing when the production for the new chips begins.

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