Android’s Google Play store has been pumping out all kinds of great games and intelligent apps since the start of 2020. Alongside some of the creative new games and advanced utility that came out this week, a highly anticipated supplementary app has been released – akin to one of Nintendo’s biggest juggernauts since the start of the twenty-first century.

Kick-Flight is a free to play arcade style brawl game. Similar to the prominent Super Smash Bros series, the game consists of choosing fighters and bouncing around the map trying to defeat opponents. Players work in four man teams and fight against real opponents from similar regions. The gameplay is unique and fast paced making it one of the most entertaining titles released on Google Play this year.

Overdrive City is a city building simulator whose focus isn’t on the architecture or the characters involved, but cars. The most enticing draw to Overdrive is immersion; the game supports real cars from actual manufacturers. The customization runs very deep, and the game is far more than just a spectacle or pageant because it also features a racing mechanic, putting your dream car(s) to the real test.

Pokémon Home is a cloud storage service for your Pokémon. It allows you to upload your Pokémon from past games and download them into other ones, such as the new Pokémon Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch. This app is a must to Pokémon trainers who wish to migrate their rarest Pokémon from the original games and use them in battle with the awesome new mechanics of Sword and Shield. The app also contains a trading mechanic and a mystery gift system, which seasoned trainers will remember is usually Nintendo’s system for distributing legendary Pokémon.

In other news, some fixes in the Android store include the banning of over six hundred apps for malicious practices and disruptive advertising. A major patch in WhatsApp removed the ability to pull up some (not all) private chat logs through an extensive Google search. Although a potentially dangerous oversight, the addition of the patch did good to mend all the security risks. Taking one step back from mobile gaming Google Play released QuakeAlertUSA which alerts users of nearby earthquakes. The app is free and data comes from the most reputable sources (USGS and ShakeAlert). This 2020 is measured to be a big year for mobile gaming, the strong start it’s at is sure to keep the momentum rolling.

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