As a brand Apple never fails to outdo it’s prior accomplishments as well as generate buzz in the tech community. To begin the new decade Apple is releasing an all new MacBook Pro; after listening closely to the public and gathering together the best minds in tech Apple is excited to launch their new juggernaut of a laptop.

The big upgrade to the new MacBook is Intel’s tenth generation “Ice Lake” processor. According to testers of the new laptop the unit boasts 12% higher CPU performance and almost 30% stronger in GPU tests. A common complaint with the past MacBooks was Apple’s shortcomings in releasing computers capable of playing modern PC games. So to those looking to game on their Apple device, 2020’s new MacBook appears very promising.

Apple doesn’t shy away from addressing their prior faults, and many will be ecstatic to hear that they will be changing the infamously disliked butterfly keyboards to return to the scissor switch. The keyboard was definitely the most vocal gripe with previous MacBook owners and Apple has chosen to take a step back to take two steps forward.

Finally we also know that the new MacBook will have a stronger battery and better thermal efficiency. We will have to wait until Q4 to hear the reactions with the public. Until then Apply will be selectively distributing new versions to testers and writers. The next big reveal is predicted for an Apple conference in June, following a Spring event focused on the iPhone and iPad.

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