As the internet began to take off in the mid 90’s, certain zealous individuals saw the potential in investing in the web. One such entrepreneur Mike O’Connor took it upon himself to claim several sleek or precise domain names; such as,,, you name it. Naturally, with the exponential growth of people starting and running their own websites, O’Connor’s “classic” domains multiplied in value. One domain however, is more sought after than all the rest, and for more than just a prestigious looking header for an ambitious business.

This precious domain O’Connor has finally released for auction is; and the reason for its notoriety comes from a loophole in the early Windows service called Active Directory. Because the majority of companies wouldn’t go about changing the default settings of their Windows Active Directory, a problem can arise known as “namespace collision.” So, the companies who had not fiddled with their default Active Directory settings were unaware that they had forgotten to redirect the flow of information to a domain they controlled.

That makes the owner of capable of intercepting the private information of countless businesses, both fresh and vetted. The amount of potential power this domain boasts is the reason O’Connor has kept it off of his shelves for so long. Any malicious individual who is competent with computer software could acquire and exploit it for private information across millions of PCs.

The initial asking price for O’Connor’s honeypot is a jaw dropping $1.7 million. But perhaps this is even too modest, for in the wrong (right) hands the information that could be extorted from the domain may be several times higher. O’Connor is hopeful that Microsoft will buy it, since their Windows Active Directory would take the brunt of the blame if the pandora’s box in were unlocked.

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