Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and head of day-to-day operations announces that in 2019 Youtube was able to generate over one billion dollars per month in advertising revenue. This was the first time the company revealed how much money the media giant has been raking in.

Despite the promising statement, investors have continued to dump their shares. Alphabet (Google’s parent company) shares have dropped about 4% after the markets closed. This is likely because Alphabet stated that their revenues for the prior quarter did not meet expectations.

With advertising alone, YouTube brought in $15.15 billion in 2019; $4.72 billion in the fourth quarter. Youtube is generating more wealth through more than just advertisements: YouTube TV and movie rentals, to name a few. Google’s new and fast growing cloud business generated $8.92 billion in 2019, $2.61 billion in the fourth quarter.

Although the total revenue rose over 17% to approximately $46 billion, Google failed to meet their analysts’ goals of $46.94 billion. The ending of their last cycle witnessed the company’s worst fourth quarter revenue growth since 2015.

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