Almost exactly two years ago Steam set a record for players with 18.5 million accounts. This February, the popular gaming platform has set a new high with 18.8 million users online simultaneously. Although the record for players in-game at once still holds at 7 million, there is reason for optimism in the platform as the recent milestone coincides with record numbers of hours played in all of Steam’s top games.

The previous year was progressive for Steam to say the least, boasting constant improvements to the client and the games catered to it. Valve has also been able to procure the Chinese market, making the Chinese language Steam’s new most popular language. They are even pushing to extend their application to venues like Chromebook and mobile gaming. Even EA (who reclaimed their games in favor of starting their own platform) are coming back to Steam. It is safe to say this landmark is only the beginning for Valve’s Steam this year.

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