In a new overhaul by Google, the Google Earth app allows you to see the stars and galaxies that surround our globe. Say goodbye to the empty, black backdrop.

The app that once only carried resources capable of observing the planet has had a massive overhaul. The Google Earth App on smartphones and tablets can now observe all of the stars in our universe. Unlike before when the app contained just the Earth and a plain black background, this new update paints the world and adds new functionality to Google Earth mobile.

Google credits the innovation in smartphones for their decision to move forward. Over recent years, tablets and smartphones have matured exponentially; allowing Google to begin to bring the character of their Earth’s web and Pro versions to mobile devices everywhere.

By simply visiting the Apple App Store or Android’s Google Play Store, you can update your Google Earth to its most recent update or install the free app with all its latest features if you haven’t owned it before. Then, to see the new update in action, try to zoom out from the Earth on your mobile device. You will be able to see phenomenal detail on all stars in our galaxy which have been collected over many years by the European Southern Observatory.

Some additional changes to the app include the addition of active clouds and animated weather patterns. By accessing the Voyager guided tour one can scout the globe and be able to visit parts of the planet in context to other parts at the same point in time.

Google believes that its Earth app will cater to all kinds of people. Scientists, students, people who work with the environment, people in government, all can pull something useful out of their Google Earth app. And now even people who just love to explore the planet and its beautiful surroundings will enjoy this power to gaze at the cosmos.

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